Ventral hernias are any hernias passing through the front of the abdomen. They take in all hernias of the abdominal wall, including incisional, umbilical, epigastric, spigelian, sub costal and sub xyphoid defects.

Incisional Hernias ( at sites of previous surgery) can occur after any previous operation. They can be very large and complex hernias and often have been fixed previously.

Surgeons generally use the term ventral hernia to denote large umbilical and epigastric (upper abdomen) hernias.

A very large majority of abdominal wall hernias can be repaired with keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery.

Some larger hernias and recurrent (returned) hernias are very complex and can require very large reconstructive operations with long hospital and recovery times.

The risks of an operation generally increase with the length of operating time, the complexity of the surgery and the patient's generally fitness and previous medical problems ( diabetes, heart, kidney and lung disease etc.).


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